Overview of the intelligent water treatment system

the system realizes the purpose of optimal treatment technology through intelligent control of each link of the water treatment.

It uses on-line instrumentation to monitor data in real time and automatically build mathematical models to predict and analyze the effluent water quality.

It relies on technologies such as the Internet of things, big data analysis and artificial intelligence to control the technological parameters in all aspects of water treatment.

It minimizes dosage while ensuring better and more stable effluent water quality.

It realizes the intelligent control and fine management of the whole water treatment process, and achieves the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing staff and increasing efficiency.

ØThe whole system consists of four parts:

ØEnterprise information management platform: information release, data processing, alarm push

ØIntelligent control center subsystem: centralized monitoring equipment and production process, and intelligent control

ØIntelligent multi-parameter control subsystem: provide the best treatment scheme and intelligently control the dispensing

ØField control subsystem: control field related electrical equipments


Main functions

ØRealize remote operation and real-time monitoring of all field equipment;

ØOverall control of water treatment process;

ØEstablish a complete historical database and an alarm events database to facilitate fault analysis and data query;

ØIt has convenient model analysis and development functions to ensure the best treatment efficiency and stable effluent quality.


The system advantages


It can realize intelligent operation and It ensures that the quality of the effluent reaches the standard;

It greatly reduces the cost of reagent in water treatment process, saving reagent up to 30%~50%;

It realizes the optimal treatment process, reduces the sludge production, and increases the water recovery rate;

It realizes the automatic management and intelligent control of the whole water treatment process, and improves the management efficiency;

It is compatible with a wide range of established automation systems;

It increases the life cycle of water equipments for production and operation and reduces maintenance costs.

Application fields 

Municipal wastewater

Municipal wastewater is under pressure to improve standards and retrofit,The intelligent water treatment system provides the best solution for municipal wastewater treatment in the aspects of denitrifying carbon source, chemical dephosphorization, biological aeration, disinfection and sterilization.

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Industrial waste water

For the coking, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical and other industries, the operating cost of waste water pollutants is high.On the premise of ensuring stable effluent quality, the system realizes perfect unification of economic benefits and social benefits.

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